Expertly-Engineered Bullet Resistant Systems For Your PROTECTION!
Sun Aegis offers an extensive bullet resistant product line, incorporating the best components from around the world while also manufacturing and fabricating some in our factory. Our armour barriers ensure that several mission-critical establishments, laboratories, facilities and buildings will be protected against most ballistic assaults. The layers and interlayers of laminated glass offer physical protection to resources – assets and workforce from life-threatening injuries.

Our bullet-resistant barrier systems are engineered to be tough, long-lasting,dependable and have a niquearchitectural appeal.Our expertise and experience has enabled us to come up with superior armour solutions to the table.Consequently, we develop lighter and thinner bullet resistant glasses and panels than those available in the market. Our product line is vast and not limited to

  • Bullet Proof Glazing & Glass
  • Bullet Proof Windows
  • Bullet & Blast Proof Doors
  • Armoured Frames
  • Armour Panels


Single Layer Transparent armour

A thickness of over an inch in single layer armour is considered as bullet-resistant. It is the lighter option but has lower strength. The Acrylic Bulletproof glass is favoured indoors due to lower resistance or when the threat is from handguns and pistols. It’s also the cheaper option but cannot stop shrapnel and fragments from causing injuries after the bullet collides with it.

Multi-layer Transparent Armour

This bullet resistant glass is made using a combination of products where layers of ballistic polycarbonate material are sandwiched between glass sheets. They then undergo heating and cooling process to attain the final shape which is thicker and more durable making it favourable for exterior applications. Although it is heavier, this type of glass comes with highest bullet resistance and is usually what is sold the most in India. It also traps most fragments and shrapnel.

Bullet Proof Glass in India


Unlike other service providers, we offer a complete and seamless armour solution. Primarily, there are five main components to any bullet-resistant barrier and we can supply all of them

  • Armoured Frames
    A bullet-resistant frame plays two pivotal roles in the barrier system namely It supports the xtremely heavy bullet-resistant glass It protects the spaces between the ballistic windows, doors and the rest of the bullet-resistant barrier system
  • Armoured Doors
    On the vulnerability scale, doors rank high and are often the target of miscreants in a non-secure business environment. Bullet resistant doors are a must to for complete armouring of the enclosure.
  • Armoured Panels
    It is reinforced and multi-layered advanced ceramic and metal alloy, that is widely used behind wooden panels, countertops, walls etc. Ideal when even the walls and surroundings need armouring. We offer military grade panels of very high bullet resistance with one of the lowest weights possible in the world.
  • Accessories
    In banks, post offices, public buildings, hospitals etc. some sort of transaction activity occurs on the daily basis, moreover voice transmission from within the barrier and outside becomes a critical issue. To facilitate interaction, armour systems include accessories such as voice systems and package passers. o Voice Systems such as speak/talk hole and secure sound window systems are installed to facilitate effective communication. o Package Passers are mainly required where funds and packages are transferred from customers to the staff without breaching the security.
  • Bullet Resistant Glass
    Keeping in mind the excellent visible light transmission and optical clarity, we offer bullet-resistant glass of varied thicknesses, weights and protection levels to meet client’s different requirements.


Sun Aegis offers reliable Armouring products to an array of industry verticals. So, whether you need bullet resistant doors or frames or opaque panels or windows, we have you covered.

VVIP Residencies

Visa Office, Embassy & Consulate

Military Structures

Jewellery Stores


Government Buildings

Correctional facilities, Prisons


Armoured, Cash transfer vehicles

Air Ports

Why Sunaegis ?


Stay assured with certification for armour rating Our products meet the test standards and come duly certified from Germany/Singapore. We will be happy to assess your requirement and suggest the protection level required.


Fragment & Shrapnel entrapment On impact, spall refers to the ricocheting of fragments and shrapnel. As per the application and/or standards, spall either needs to be reduced or completely eliminated. We offer both spall and no spall solutions based on the requirement.


Sun Glazing and Fabrication is a higly reputed and leading glazing contractor in south india. Ascendas IT Park, Chennai, RGI Airport, Intelli and Delloitte at Hyderabad, are just a few of the completed projects to their credit. Over 30 major projects completed to date


360 Degree armour solution partner
With a complete armour solution of doors, frames, walls, windows and ability carry out complex jobs we offer a seamless and one stop armour solution. Moreover we also offer blast mitigation solutions.


Technology Partner
Nimra cerglass Technics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced ceramics. It produces ceramics ranging from crucibles to missile components. Globally, it exports its high-quality products to over 30 countries. Supplier to DRDO (Refer DRDO industry compendium page 214)

Effective Armouring Solutions


N 1063, or CEN 1063, is a security glazing standard created by the European Committee for Standardization for measuring the protective strength of bullet-resistant glass. It is commonly used in conjunction with EN 1522 (Euronorm standard for Bullet Resistance in Windows, Doors, Shutters and Blinds) to form a ballistic classification system by which armored vehicles and structures are tested and rated. The protective strength of a glazed shielding is rated based on the type of munitions, or threat level, it is capable of withstanding. There are 7 main standard threat levels: BR1-BR7 (also written as B1-B7), each corresponding to a different type of small arms fire.

To be given a particular rating, the glazing must stop the bullet for the specified number of strikes, with multiple strikes placed within 120mm of each other. The glazing should also be shatterproof and produce no spalls after each strike. Lastly, the classification levels are numbered in order of increasing protective strength. Thus any sample complying with the requirements of one class also complies with the requirements of previous classes.

Class Weapon Caliber Type Weight (g) Range (m) Velocity (m/s) Impact Energy Shots
BR1 Rifle 0.22 LR L/RN 2,6 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 360 ± 10 170 3
BR2 Hand Gun 9mm Luger FJ²/RN/SC 8,0 ± 0,1 5,00 ± 0,5 400 ± 10 640 J 3
BR3 Hand Gun 0.357 Magnum FJ²/CB/SC 10,2 ± 0,1 5,00 ± 0,5 430 ± 10 940 J 3
BR4 Hand Gun 0.44 Rem Magnum FJ²/FN/SC Hand Gun 15,6 ± 0,1 5,00 ± 0,5 440 ± 10 15100 J 3
BR5 Rifle 5.56x45 FJ²/PB/SCP1 4,0 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 950 ± 10 1800 J 3
BR6 Rifle 7.62x51 FJ²/PB/SC 9,5 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 830 ± 10 3270 J 3
BR7 Rifle 7.62x51 FJ²/PB/HC1 Rifle 9,8 ± 0,1 10,00 ± 0,5 820 ± 10 3290 J 3
Bullet Proof Glass

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